Potential Greeting Cards

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Here are a few of Grandpa's photos that would make great greeting cards with the right captions.
I've come up with a few possible captions but I'm sure you can be more creative.
Note: Every photo on this page is between 80 and 110 years old.

Louis Titus in a bowler hat
GC-1 ... ???

Railroad workers
GC-2 ... "Smooth Talker" and "Hot to Trot" from Match.com

Unhappy girl
GC-7 ... "Because I'm the mom... that's why."

Four dressed up ladies
GC-11 ... "We're overdue for a ladies day out."

Circus wagons
GC-11 ... "Let's run away and join the circus!"

Eva Titus and friends
#1: It's nice to have friends who just let you be yourself.
#2: You can always lean on me.
#3: Lighten up! You'll live longer.

Two railroad workers with a donkey.
GC-4 ... "Two boobs and an ass"

Man with tongue sticking out
GC-7 ... "When words are not enough...."

Fixing a flat tire
GC-5 ...#1: "Roadside assistance... 1920." ... #2: "I think the hexagonal thingy goes on the round, pointy thingy"

The serenade
GC-6 ... "Sometimes you just have to tell people how you feel about them."

Woman reading
GC-11 ... "I haven't heard from you for a while."

Rustic freight wagon
GC-10 ... "Recreational Vehicle ... 1920"

Goat cart
GC-8 ... "It's not a zero emissions vehicle... but it does get 80 miles per bale."

Guy in drag
GC-9 ... "Sometimes you just feel like dancing!"

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