Photos of Louis Titus

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Louis on his Indian motorcycle
Grandpa on his Indian motorcycle

A mock gunfight. Greg still has the pistol in the photo. George Yori killed two Japanese soldiers with that gun in World War Two.

World War One artillery gun firing.
Grandpa was in the 144th Field Artillery.... the California Grizzlies... in World War One. This is his artillery gun firing at the Germans. My apologies but the original negative was in very bad shape.

World War One era armored cruiser
This is a World War One era armored cruiser... probably shot from the deck of a troop ship heading for France.

Why is Grandpa standing on a horse?

Peeling potatoes
Louis serving in Bat. D 2nd Cal. Field Artillery, Camp Tan Foran, August, 1917

Cowboy Louis
Cowboy Louis

Louis in a suit
Dressed up

Young Louis
This is the earliest photo I have of my grandfather.

Louis on the UNR campus
This looks like the Quad on the UNR campus in the background.

Louis wearing a badge
Why is he wearing a badge?

Louis at the beach
Looking very cool at the beach in his sailor hat.

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