A website dedicated to the memory and the photography of my grandfather, Lous Titus

The story behind this website

Nearly forty years ago I was looking for something in the tool storage room on the side of my grandparent's home here in Reno. On the top shelf... way back in a dark corner... was a small cardboard box covered in a thick layer of dust. I opened the box to discover bundles of old negatives; each bundle tied with a single strand of twine.

When I took the box into the house to show my grandmother, she exclaimed "Oh, those are your grandfather's old negatives. I thought they were long gone." Since I'd taken a couple of photography classes in college she told me I could have them. The images contained in this website were all derived from those negatives.

Only recently have I had the ability to scan and restore the treasure of old photos contained in that little box. Most were shot between 70 and 90 years ago. Water got into the box at some point so the quality of the negatives ranges from pristine to badly damaged. Rather than attempting to clean them up prior to posting them, my goal is to get them onto the Internet so the people and places they depict can be indentified by my father, my aunts and their cousins.

I also want this website to be a resource so that the younger members of my family who never had the chance to know my grandparents the way I did can get a feel for who they were and the world they lived in.

Bruce Titus

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